The Simple-Basic Priority is to reclaim textile materials up-cycling them into products and accessories that are made to last. All products are tough, one-off, art objects, made by hand. Care is taken to document the origins of the materials used to the extent possible. Any blemishes you notice in the material are a testament to the materials' history and are to be celebrated. I sincerely hope that you enrich the material's legacy by adding your own wear and tear.




Please contact 203.246.2741 immediately if you are unhappy with any part of your Simple-Basic experience. Returns are accepted within a reasonable amount of time. A refund will be issued once the products are safely returned back to Simple-Basic and evaluated to be in satisfactory condition.

If any Simple-Basic product is damaged or worn out over the life of the product please contact to discuss options for repair or replacement. Simple-Basic stands behind the durability and longevity of the products and would very much like to extend the life of the product whenever possible.

Simple-Basic products come without any warranty and are sold as is. As stated above the full origins of the materials used in our products are rarely know. These materials may contain contaminants including, but not limited to, dirt, rust, stains, oils, odors, and many other contaminants one might find in an industrial building, dumpster, basement, garbage or gutter. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine the suitability of any products received from Simple-Basic for their intended use. Simple-Basic is not responsible for damages caused by our products. If you have further questions about the origins of any specific material please submit your inquiry to